U-Multirank: a multi-dimensional global university ranking

U-Multirank: a multi-dimensional global university ranking

The feasibility study (2009 –2011)

U-Multirank is a new international transparency tool which is multi-dimensional, multi-level and user-driven. Because of these characteristics it differs substantially from all existing higher education rankings and addresses the needs of various stakeholders in higher education.

The U-Multirank project was initiated and funded by the European Commission (DG Education and Culture) and has been carried out by a consortium of research organisations under the name CHERPA Network (consortium for higher education and research performance assessment) in the period of Summer 2009 – Summer 2011.

The project consisted of two consecutive parts:

In a first phase running until the end of 2009 the consortium designed a multi-dimensional ranking system for higher education institutions in consultation with stakeholders.

In a second phase ending in June 2011 the consortium tested the feasibility of the multi-dimensional ranking system on a sample of no less than 150 higher education and research institutions. The sample would focus on the disciplines of engineering and business studies and should have a sufficient geographical coverage (inside and outside of the EU) and a sufficient coverage of institutions with different missions.


The Future of U-Multirank

The European Commission has formulated a clear ambition regarding the future of U-Multirank. In the modernisation agenda on the future of higher education, the Commission announced that U-Multirank will be continued and first results will be available in 2013 (click here). Who will be involved in this next phase is not known as the call for tenders has yet to be launched.

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