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Help, I Have Too Many Passwords! | Information Services & Technology

  Password breaches are happening in massive numbers. In one week last year, 500,000 Yahoo! passwords were exposed. While one exposed password may not cause you much grief, if you use that same password for your bank login and other … Continue reading

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Mike Konczal: Liberal Wonk Blogging Could Be Your Life | Next New Deal

  As the Reinhart-Rogoff story started up, Peter Frase of Jacobin wrote a critique of liberal wonk bloggers titled “The Perils of Wonkery.” Now that things have calmed down, I’m going to respond. Fair warning: this post will be a … Continue reading

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Google rivals lodge complaint about Android with EU – Apr. 9, 2013

  Google is still embroiled in an EU investigation into alleged abuse of its dominance in search LONDON (CNNMoney) Google may face a new antitrust investigation by the European Union after a group of competitors complained it was trying to … Continue reading

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Ian Wylie: Research? Most people cannot understand it

  … With academic journals under increasing attack from several quarters, Mr Zicklin has upset some colleagues in urging schools to cut tuition fees by making faculty members focus more on teaching and less on publishing research in journals. … … Continue reading

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Mobile Computers are Spreading Rapidly Throughout the World | MIT Technology Review

  The spread of mobile computers, in numbers. By Benedict Evans on March 15, 2013 Smartphones have created a bridge between two previously separate industries—wireless networks and personal computing. For Internet firms and device makers, this means access to the … Continue reading

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Making cloud computing more efficient – MIT News Office

  Illustration: Christine Daniloff/MIT March 12, 2013 For many companies, moving their web-application servers to the cloud is an attractive option, since cloud-computing services can offer economies of scale, extensive technical support and easy accommodation of demand fluctuations.But for applications … Continue reading

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MIT Media Lab: Q&A with Henry Lieberman about Cyberbullying

  Last week The Atlantic published “How to Stop the Bullies,” a piece about the epidemic of bullying online and the response to this growing problem from social media site administrators, educators, researchers, and public groups such as Anonymous. Henry … Continue reading

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